Friday, June 8, 2012


I love Jayda. She is my best friend. Although she is my cousin I think of her as my best friend. She is amazing! Ever since we were little kids we have always gotten along so easily. Whenever we're together we get along and I don't believe we have really ever gotten in a fight. If we even see each other we start laughing. We are the type of friends where we greet eachother with a insult. Love you Jayda! :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Oh how I love Olivia. I really love having her as a sister because before she was born I was never really close to my brothers. I mean sure I would get along with them occasionally but I have never really had a sibling that I could bond easily with. But Olivia I love her. Yes we are like 10 years apart but I feel like we share a special bond that I don't really share with anyone else. She does have days where she doesn't really wanna be around me but I know it's just a phase. Sometimes I do have to bribe her though... I am guilty of that I must admit. But anyway I love this little girl!!

Paul Goldshmidt

Okay so lets get something straight I freaking love Paul Goldshmidt. If you are unaware of who this is he plays for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He is number 44 and plays first base but occasionally switches off with Lyle Overbay. During the year of 2011, he got called up to the Diamondbacks and had a rookie season. He is 24 and is 6' 3" and weighs around 230 pounds. I am not sure why I love him so much but i just developed a huge liking for him. He is my favorite MLB player by far. (Some of you may know that I really liked Shane Victorino and the Phillies but I guess I kinda just outgrew them.)

But the unfortunate reality is that i realized he is married. To Amy Goldshmidt. He also has one baby boy. I thought he was single. But he has a child?! Now this really ruins my chances of having an chance with him. JUST KIDDING. He is 24 and I prefer to stick within my age group. But I really do love him. I would rather meet him over Justin Bieber. Crazy right? But its true. Yeah so basically I LOVE PAUL GOLDSHMIDT.